Plane carrying French rugby team stopped by police at Edinburgh Airport

February 12, 2018 - 27 views

Police Scotland says French rugby players were interviewed as "potential witnesses" after reports of an incident at a bar.

Police have stopped a plane carrying France's rugby team from leaving Edinburgh as a number of players were questioned by officers.

Police Scotland says French rugby players were interviewed as "potential witnesses" after reports in Scotland's Herald newspaper of an incident at a bar following the French defeat to Scotland in the Six Nations on Sunday.

"Following an initial report of sexual assault in Edinburgh city centre during the early hours of Monday 12th February, police conducted various lines of inquiry, including speaking to a number of potential witnesses," a Police Scotland spokesman said.

"These inquiries have established that no crime has been committed."

The official Rugby France Twitter account earlier tweeted: "The FFR confirms that some players are being heard by the Scottish authorities."

Reports had suggested police became involved after an incident in the Tigerlily bar on Edinburgh's George Street.

Events Manager Jo McKinnell said the French players were in the bar on Sunday evening but that there were no incidents.

The chartered Jet2 flight to Paris was due to take off at 1100, but was still on the tarmac as of 1pm.

A spokesman for the airport said: "We have a plane that was due to leave at 11am that has not left yet."


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